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The 'So Bad it's Awesome' Blog issue has been resolved. :iconturbomun: has agreed to remove the blog and will be posting an apology journal shortly. She did not realize the harm she was doing and is apologetic to anyone she hurt. If anyone is currently having an argument over this it is not necessary anymore and you should stop arguing.

Since she is apologizing for the things she said about the artwork of others I will apologize to her about the comments I made about her own artwork in one of my last journals. Everyone is at a different artistic level with different skill sets and styles. She is the same way, Her artwork is not bad and I will admit she has the ability to animate (Something not all artists do). Like all artists she has areas that need improvement, of course being in art promises you will never stop learning and growing in this field. It was unfair of me to stoop to the blogs level and make fun of her art the way I did. So I honestly and sincerely apologize for it.

This issue did get a little more bloated then I intended. I did not expect so many people to get involved. I do thank everyone for the support on this issue (I love my watchers :heart:) but it has now been put to rest to any on going arguments or attacks should stop, and let things get back to normal.

All humans make mistakes and this is nothing to hold a grudge over. Everyone at one point or another will do something that was in bad judgement. So in closing, I apologize for how popular the issue got, and I apologize for the way I insulted your art work before. Once the blog is taken down I hope everything can return to its natural, calmness.
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Mistress-of-Solitude Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Congratulations on diffusing this issue. *laughs* You must not have realized how COMMITTED your watchers were to your cause... Words have power. *shrugs* Good job *thumbs up* Anyways.
Toxic-dolls Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Indeed, my watchers are so kind, they always have my back -cry-
Just glad it is over :)
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